The Company

Corim Insurance & Risk Management Services Ltd. is a UK based private limited company which was founded in 1986. It is specialized in providing high-level health programs in the Greek market for both locals and expatriates.

Its purpose is to offer personalized solutions in order to ensure the best and most appropriate health services for its customers, either directly or through its broad network of partners. In addition to health programs, Corim provides the necessary and rapidly evolving travel insurance products to both individuals and companies for their executives.

Corim has permission from the relevant regulatory authorities to offer its services in Greece, where it has been active in placing Bupa Global products since 2004 and Cigna Global products since 2016. Its correspodents in Greece is the company “N. Canellopoulos – C. Adamantiades S.A.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Corim, Mr. Nicolas Adamantiades is an eminent member of the Greek insurance community, with over fifty years of worldwide experience in the industry. The other members of Corim’s board of directors have many years of experience in both the London and Greek insurance markets and its directors have been approved by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The experience and professionalism of all involved have contributed to over a quarter of a century of a successful operation.

Corim continues to evolve over the years adapting to the ever changing customer needs, trying to guarantee a better and more comfortable life for you.

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