NOW Health International

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Now Health International was established in 2011 and in just over one decade has grown into one of the largest International Private Medical Insurance Providers in the world, with over 125,000 members and over 5,000 distribution partners.  Their network offers access to over one million medical facilities and physicians throughout the world.

NHI is an award-winning IPMI provider and among other awards, was recently given the InsureTek Digital Insurer of the Year 2022 award.  It is also recognised as a five-star IPMI service provider by Health & Protection magazine. In 2017 it was voted Best Individual International Private Medical Insurance Provider in 2017 from the Health Insurance Award.

NHI plans are designed around the needs of expatriates and other long-term foreign residents, like students. They also offer company plans. International expert staff and multilingual in-house service teams located throughout the world are able to understand and meet the needs of their global clients.

NHI has frequently been awarded for its innovation and prides itself on itseasy-to-use online tools, fast service claims online and through their tailor-made mobile app.

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